Rakhi (2006)

Release Date: 22nd Dec 2006
Rating: ★★★★✰DirectorKrishna Vamsi
Producer: K.L.Narayana
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Starring: Jr.NTRIleana D’CruzCharmme KaurSuhasiniRavi Varma
Banner: Sri Durga Arts
Genre: Family Drama/Action

Rakhi (2006) Full Movie Review:


Rakhi movie Rama Krishna alias Rakhi role is to act by the Young Tiger NTR wants to join the railways and become a station master. He has a doting sister and a caring father. He has a heart of gold and is very attached to his sister. His sister is married to a prospective NRI software engineer. However, tragically in-laws burn her alive. The rest of the story is all about how Rakhi avenges the death of not only his sister but all those women who are tortured by men.


Young Tiger NTR gave him a number of the simplest performances of his career, particularly within the scenes that result in the interval in this Rakhi movie. it’ll not be Associate in Nursing exaggeration to match NTR Jr’s histrionics within the sister scenes thereto of the legend NTR United Nations agency created himself a powerful position as ‘aadapaduchula Anna’ within the black and white era. I might conjointly prefer to appreciate NTR’s massive heart for permitting the heroine line of work him ‘bondam’ and ‘fatty’ (though in a lighter vein). it’s an honest sign that NTR is starting of the shackles of ‘hardcore mass hero’ image that he formed in the past with Simhadri. but NTR ought to seriously think about reducing his weight. Ileana United Nations agency is understood for her exciting appearance, incorporates a performance directed role during this film Associate in Nursingd proved herself very competent as an histrion. She is extremely sensible within the scene of supporting the hero marrying another lady. She oozes oomph in ‘zara Zara’ song wearing an extended wet white shirt on the beach. Charmme plays the role of innocent maradalu of hero. She doesn’t wear any makeup and tries to bring her own perspective to the current character by enjoying in} her part otherwise. She has done the soundtrack, however, though she has returned an extended approach since the Chakram days, the everyday Godavari accent has not returned through effectively.

Technical Aspects:

The story of the rakhi movie, the first half is routine like other movies. The last half story in this rakhi has a likeness to films like Bharateeyudu and Tagore. Krishna Vamsi World Health Organization discomfited Telugu audiences with Sri Anjaneyam, Chakram and Danger comes up with a commendable performance as a director by sticking out to basics. He may translate the emotions within the half to the audience absolutely. He handles the sentiment scenes before the interval purpose extraordinarily well. However, he couldn’t narrate the film in a motivating manner within the latter a part of last half (after the court killing scene following by the song). The director ought to have created Suhasini’s character as associate intelligent and strategic cop, then the half concerning her tracing and meeting Young Tiger NTR would are fascinating. The play script of the film is adequate. The manner he has shown all common girls within the title cards is extremely smart. the subsequent shots by Krishna Vamsi stand out.


For this Rakhi movie Music is produced by the Devi Sri Prasad is good. ‘Zara Zara’ (2nd song) and ‘Rakhi Rakhi’ (3rd song) stand out in terms of picturization with Krishna Vamsi’s trademark. Rerecording and background music is excellent. Cinematography by S Gopal Reddy is an asset. Dialogues are good, but at times tend to be preachy (railway station episode and a few scenes in the second half). Artwork by Ravinder is very realistic (the set of the railway colony house, railway bogies etc). Editing by Shankar is adequate. Stunts in the film are OK.
The first half of the Rakhi movie is good. You come out of theatre filled with emotion d the ring interval. The second half is adequate though there is a bit of heaviness due to the continuous revenge sequences. The plus points are NTR’s exceptional performance, Krishna Vamsi, and the first half. On the flipside, a compact second half should have done wonders for the film. Rakhi is not a film for fans and the first-day crowds. The real verdict of Rakhi will come out when family crowds and ladies enter the theatres for the second show.

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