Narasimhudu (2005)

Release Date: 20th May 2005
Rating: ★★✰✰✰DirectorB.Gopal
Producer: Chengala Venkat Rao
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Starring: Jr.NTRAmisha PatelSameera ReddyKalabhavan ManiPuneet IssarRahul DevAshish Vidyarthi
Banner: Satyanarayanamma Productions
Genre: Action

Narasimhudu (2005) Full Movie Review:


Narasimhudu (Young TIger NTR) is an orphan whose parents sacrificed their lives for the welfare of the village. He is raised by the whole village and is like a family member to all the villagers. He serves the entire village without seeking anything in return. In one incident, kids (Rahul Dev & GV Sudhakar) of two political bigwigs JD (Punit Issar) and Pothuraju (Kalabhavan Mani) sexually molest a minor girl and kill her. The rest of the story is all about how he seeks revenge.


Jr.NTR is good in this film. The change we notice in NTR performance compared to his earlier films is the subtleness in histrionics during sentimental scenes. He is terrific in the dances of 1st song. He has just a single dialogue in the entire first half; hence it is very difficult for any actor to emote with eyes, facial expressions, and body language. He has a two-minute dialogue in the second half, which he has delivers with terrific ferocity. Amisha Patel is restricted to the second half of the film. She dons the character of a village belle and does good justice to it. Sameera Reddy is gorgeous with her dusky looks and glamorous outfits in songs. Her character is that of a Malayala kitty wearing the traditional Kerala dress. She is restricted to the first half. Arti Agarwal does an item train song. Asish Vidyardhi is impressive in the role of a positive cop. Kala Bhavan Mani is the main villain of the film. He is remarkable in the scene where he imitates the video camera. Punit Issar and GV Sudhakar are adequate. Rahul Dev is under utilized. Mano Rama and Chalapathi Rao are good. The comedy done by Brahmanandam is in bad taste. Jaya Chitra gets a couple of good dialogues to mouth at important times.

Technical Aspects:

The story is written by the Ravi Shankar is taken from Ravi’s Kannada film ‘Durgi’ that had Malasri playing the lead role. Durgi appealed to the people as it had Malasri in the lead role and surprised and shocked the viewers with a woman seeking revenge in a gory style. But the same kind of shock feel would certainly be missing if a hero and that too a huge star commit it. B Gopal who is known as the successful maker of mass masalas has chosen a hackneyed storyline and seen-before kind of shots to narrate the film. He starts off the film in an interesting fashion but loses his grip immediately after 15 minutes. The screenplay of the film is loose. The direction is old-fashioned. He should have avoided the scene where the villain chops off the head of a Brahmin kid who is performing rituals at the bank of a river. There is no explanation given as to why hero uses broken Trishul (trident) to take revenge (as there is no connection of broken Trishul with the flashback).


Music is produced by the Mani Sharma is adequate. Two songs (Chumma Chumma and Rajahmundrike) are impressive on the screen. Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are adequate. There are good ones like ‘Gandhi kalamlo rajakeeyanayakulu Satyagraham chesaru. Ippudu Hatyagraham chestunnaru’. Cinematography by Ravindra Babu is ok. Artwork for sets is good. Fights by Vijay are sufficient. Production values by Satyanarayanamma banner are good.
The movie starts off in an interesting style with a good introduction of the hero. But this graph slides down as the movie progress. The first half of the film is mediocre. Interval card is flashed with 'story has just begun'. The second half is unimpressive. Performance by NTR is the plus point of the film. The producer seems to have concentrated more on getting an impressive star cast than getting the right script. NTR disappoints with the wrong choice of subject for 'Narsimhudu'. This film has opened with great collections.
Review Credits: idlebrain

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